aquatic ecology - DPM envirosciences

DPM Envirosciences is a small Australian environmental consultancy, offering a range of services relating to chemical, biological and physical processes of environmental systems, with a strong focus on aquatic ecology.

Proponents regularly confront a wide range of environmental issues. DPM Envirosciences offers an ability to provide integrated approaches for environmental consultancy and management during any phase of a project cycle. The team’s performance on recent projects undertaken for Defence, mining companies and coal seam gas pipeline operators are excellent examples of our broad capability.

Environmental monitoring presents another important service that DPM Envirosciences provides for our clients, which demonstrates that we can provide ‘through-life’ services on completion of environmental impact assessment and approvals processes.

Whether it is ecological, soils, surface water, sediment or groundwater monitoring, DPM Envirosciences can assist.

DPM Envirosciences offer the following key services:

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