About us

DPM Envirosciences is committed to delivering high quality sustainable environmental solutions that benefit our clients, our team and the environment.

We strive to provide superior service and believe the quality of our work is the key to our success.


DPM Envirosciences prides itself on providing a professional environmental consulting service at a competitive price.


We offer expertise in:

  • aquatic ecology
  • terrestrial flora and fauna
  • surface water and groundwater quality
  • environmental impact assessment
  • environmental management plans
  • project management


In addition, DPM Envirosciences has available an extensive network of alliance partners, service providers (e.g. NATA accredited laboratories) and subcontractors to provide our clients with a ‘best for project’ team.

Scientific Permits and Approvals – Ecological Assessment

DPM Envirosciences maintains the following permits and approvals to undertake our work in accordance with best practice:


  • Queensland
    • Scientific User Registration
    • Animal Ethics Committee Approval
    • General Fisheries Permit
    • Scientific Purposes Permit
    • Rehabilitation Permit (Spotter Catcher)


  • New South Wales
    • Animal Care Ethics Committee Animal Research Authority
    • Scientific Licence
    • DPI Fisheries Scientific Collection Permit
    • NSW Biodiversity Offsets Scheme Accredited Assessor


DPM Envirosciences holds the following insurances to undertake professional environmental consulting services:


  • Professional Indemnity Insurance – $5 Million
  • Public Liability Insurance – $20 Million
  • Aviation Liability Insurance – $10 Million
  • WorkCover Insurance
  • Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance
  • Farm Motor Vehicle Insurance


Our insurance cover can be amended on a project-by-project basis depending on your needs and inherent project risks.


To find out more about the environmental consulting services we offer, please get in touch.


DPM Envirosciences maintains a strong reputation for delivering our projects on time and to the highest quality standard.

This often requires collaboration with like-minded scientists, engineers, planners and project managers that complement and
strengthen our service offering. This allows DPM Envirosciences to assemble a ‘best for project’ team,
drawing upon the collective experience of talented individuals with a proven track record and
corresponding reputation for quality.

David Moore – Principal Environmental Scientist

David has over 18 years of consulting experience in ecology, environmental impact assessment and management. He combines scientific knowledge with industry experience to devise practical impact mitigation and management measures to facilitate sustainable development. David has developed skills across a broad range of environmental sciences including aquatic and terrestrial ecology, soil and water management. He has applied these skills across many sectors including water, transport, agriculture, waste, Defence, coal seam gas, coal mining, hard rock mining, power generation and transmission.


He has proven expertise in:

  • environmental impact assessment
  • aquatic ecology
  • terrestrial ecology
  • surface water and groundwater quality


In addition to his work history, David has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Ecology and Environmental Science. He is an Accredited Ecologist for the Australian River Assessment System (AusRivAS) in Queensland and New South Wales, a Senior Operator in electrofishing practice, commercial boat operator, pilot (manned aircraft and drones), and a Suitably Qualified Ecologist as recognised by the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment.


Training, inductions and certifications:

  • Mining Supervisor training S1, S2 and S3
  • Standard 11 Surface Coal Induction – Queensland
  • (Petroleum) Industry Safety Induction
  • General Induction for Construction (White Card)
  • Apply First Aid and CPR
  • Wildlife Health and Chemical Immobilisation
  • Operate Side-by-side Utility Vehicles – AHCMOM211
  • Transport Plant and Equipment – RIIHAN206D
  • Contaminated Machinery Washdown Certifier
  • Preparing and Reviewing Erosion and Sediment Control Plans
  • Regional Ecosystem Training
  • Vegetation Structure Training
  • NSW Biodiversity Offsets Scheme Accredited Assessor
  • Fluvial Geomorphology and River Styles
  • Senior Operator in Electrofishing Practice
  • AusRivAS Bioassessment Accreditation
  • Venomous Snake Relocation
  • Rabies inoculated
  • Wildlife Carer Education – Bat Rescue and Care
  • Wildlife Carer Education – Fractures Management
  • Bird and Wildlife Hazard Management (Airports)
  • Occupational Weapons Licence
  • Advanced Firefighter – NSW Rural Fire Service
  • Crew Leader Wildfire Training – NSW Rural Fire Service
  • Chainsaw Operator – Tree Feller
  • Developing Future Leaders Program – Australasian Fire Authorities Council
  • Driver Licence – R, MR and Marine
  • BMA Defensive Driving Program
  • Coordinate Recovery of a 4WD using Advanced Techniques
  • Rural Fire Driving Course – Category 1 Heavy Four Wheel Drive Tanker
  • Operate Vehicles in the Field – PMASUP236B and Operate Light Vehicle – RIIVEH201D
  • CASA Certified RPA Controller
  • Aviation Radio Operator Certificate
  • Recreational Pilot Licence (Aeroplane – manned)

Subcontractors and Alliance Partners

In addition to our in-house skills, DPM Envirosciences has available an extensive network of subcontractors, service providers (e.g. NATA accredited laboratories) and alliance partners to service our clients with a ‘best for project’ team. Independent peer review of project deliverables is undertaken by recognised experts in their relevant fields to ensure the highest quality of project deliverables and ongoing integrity of our work.

Aaron Jenkin – Aquatica Environmental

Aquatica Environmental (Aquatica) is a Victorian based ecological and environmental consulting firm specialising in the study and management of marine, estuarine and freshwater aquatic ecosystems, biota and habitats. Aquatica was established in 2014 by Principal Ecologist, Aaron Jenkin, bringing over 19 years’ experience in aquatic sciences, aquaculture and project management and 12 years in NRM consulting. Aquatica provides services to waterway managers in the resources, offshore oil and gas, linear infrastructure, wastewater, government and defence sectors as well as maintaining a strong collaborative network of technical specialists to deliver positive project outcomes for large and multidisciplinary projects.

Melody Stoneham – Gaia Environmental Consulting

Gaia Environmental Consulting is a Queensland based environmental consultancy with a focus on terrestrial ecology and aims to promote a balance between development and the conservation of natural living systems. The principal consultant, Melody Stoneham, has a comprehensive knowledge of relevant planning and environmental legislation across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, and a wide range of experience in resource projects, transport infrastructure, residential development, pipelines, master planning and ecotourism. Melody has a broad base of skills and experience in vegetation assessment, fauna survey, bushfire hazard assessment and ecological management as well as a proven track record in environmental impact assessment and offset planning.

Bruce McLennan – Arcadian Ecology

Bruce is an experienced ecologist with over 12 years of experience working on a range of projects in Queensland and Northern NSW. The last eight years have been focussed on technical support to the major gasfields projects in a number of capacities with a skill focus around the botanical sciences. Bruce has significant experience undertaking pre-clearance vegetation surveys and mapping REs. Having worked as a Vegetation Planning Officer with Greening Australia for a number of years, Bruce has a wide knowledge of vegetation management and rehabilitation techniques at a property scale. In addition, Bruce has extensive experience in environmental offsets, including landholder engagement, ground-truthing offset sites including BioCondition assessments, and preparing offset management plans and costings.

Deanna Bayliss – EcoGIS

Deanna is an ecologist and spatial analyst with over ten years of professional experience. This includes ecological assessments across a variety of projects including rail, road, gas, mining and electricity transmission. She has skills in vegetation assessment, threatened species assessment, weed surveys and habitat assessment. More recently, Deanna’s focus has been in the geo-spatial field, having acquired skills and qualifications in the application of GIS, particularly within the ecological realm. She has skills in the interpretation of ecological spatial datasets, mobile mapping, spatial analysis, modelling, database management, form creation and cartography. Deanna regularly assists DPM Envirosciences will mobile mapping solutions and professional mapping outputs for our technical reports.

Ben Nottidge – GreenLeaf Ecology

GreenLeaf Ecology is a Queensland based ecological consultancy with a focus on terrestrial fauna. Greenleaf Ecology is operated by Ben Nottidge, an ecologist with over 15 years research and field survey experience. Ben has comprehensive knowledge of the ecology, biology and identification of Queensland flora and fauna communities. He completed his First Class Honours thesis on the health and dispersal patterns of translocated and rehabilitated koalas using radio-telemetry. Ben has conducted numerous and varied ecological assessments and surveys across a broad spectrum of projects and environments including wildlife population management, wildlife radio telemetry, targeted threatened species surveys and management, habitat assessment and mapping. This experience has enabled Ben to become intimately familiar with the relevant regulatory frameworks, assessment processes and requirements.

Dr Terry Walker – AquaSci

AquaSci is a Tasmanian based environmental and ecological consultancy specialising in water and sediment quality, environmental monitoring, catchment management, macroinvertebrate taxonomy, and algal and cyanobacterial management. AquaSci was established in 2014 by Principal Consultant Dr Terry Walker, bringing over 25 years’ experience in water science and aquatic ecology. Terry has worked with a wide range of water managers, industry and community members during this time, on a diversity of projects. This includes projects relating to gas pipelines, mining, water authorities (wastewater and drinking water), aquaculture, government, Defence and power. Terry also worked as a senior science teacher and as a biologist in Antarctica.

Chris Pietsch – Blue Earth Environmental

Chris has over 14 years of professional experience as an aquatic ecologist working within both private enterprise and government. His passion and main field of  knowledge is within the research and management of freshwater ecosystems. He has considerable experience in baseline aquatic surveys for major development projects, environmental impact assessments, and aquatic compliance monitoring programs using biological indicators. Chris is a Senior Operator in electrofishing practice and an AusRivAS accredited ecologist (Queensland). Chris regularly assists DPM Envirosciences with aquatic surveys and the taxonomic identification of collected aquatic macroinvertebrates (AusRivAS accredited taxonomist).

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