Terrestrial Ecology

DPM Envirosciences can assist you to make well-informed decisions regarding flora and fauna on your project.


Working with us, you’ll benefit from the peace of mind that ecological surveys are undertaken in accordance with best practice and aligned with relevant local, state and Commonwealth guidelines. We’ll ensure that your project remains on schedule and that unnecessary and potentially costly follow-up surveys (to fill in any gaps) are avoided.


DPM Envirosciences draws on its diverse experience, and the experience of our alliance partners, to conduct robust impact assessments and devise suitable impact mitigation measures that are realistic, achievable, sustainable and based on robust science.

Key terrestrial ecology services include:




  • vegetation mapping and ground-truthing Regional Ecosystems (Queensland), Plant Community Types (NSW) and Threatened Ecological Communities (Commonwealth)
  • general flora biodiversity surveys
  • protected plant surveys
  • weed surveys and mapping



  • habitat assessment and mapping
  • detailed surveys for birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians
  • targeted fauna surveys
  • terrestrial habitat quality assessment and offset strategies
  • fauna pre-clearance surveys and fauna spotter catcher activities during vegetation clearing




  • Baseline Flora and Fauna Assessments
  • Threatened Species Management Plans
  • Impact Assessment Reports


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