Aerial Mapping

DPM Envirosciences is committed to innovation and uses Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) to provide a simple, safe and cost-effective means of capturing current, high resolution, geo-referenced aerial imagery of our clients’ project sites. We operate under RPA Operator’s Certificate CASA.ReOC.0348 (and our Aviation Liability insurance) to undertake:


  • aerial photography
  • aerial surveying
  • aerial spotting.

Our RPA service offering complements our existing environmental services capabilities, providing a value-add to existing projects, as well as enabling us to offer stand-alone services in aerial photography and mapping. We utilise a number of DJI RPAs. These small aircraft are deployed vertically, cruise at up to 79 km/h, and collect ultra-high definition video and still photographs, relaying a high definition live video feed back to the controller.


As both scientists and RPA operators, we understand the benefits and applications of aerial imagery and digitation elevation models to inform decision-making, achieve significant time and cost efficiencies, and improve safety in data collection. Our existing clients include managers of natural areas, construction projects and mining operations. Potential applications are somewhat limitless, but include vegetation mapping, weed mapping, fire scar mapping, aerial inspections, volume calculations and water sampling.

Data typically captured by the project team include:


  • multiple low level (<120m AGL) photographs obtained in a grid pattern, automatically stitched together and outputted as a single, high definition, geo-referenced or orthorectified GIS shapefile
  • 3D point cloud models, enabling rapid volume calculations, produced using Pix4Dmapper Pro
  • digital surface models (DSMs) and digital terrain models (DTMs), outputted in GIS or CAD formats
  • ultra-high definition (4K) cinematic video of project sites and locations of interest
  • a Quality Report, summarising the spatial accuracy of each dataset collected

Project example


DPM Envirosciences was engaged by KBL Mining to supervise vegetation clearing works for exploration drilling at their Mineral Hill Mine, NSW. Aerial photographs were obtained both before and after the clearing works. These data sets were each obtained across an approximate 44 ha area within 12 minutes of flight time, achieving time and cost efficiencies by replacing the need to otherwise obtain 128 ground photos to satisfy Conditions of Approval.



  • RPA Operator’s Certificate CASA.ReOC.0348, issued to DPM Envirosciences Pty Ltd
  • Aviation Reference Number (ARN) 1003680, issued to DPM Envirosciences Pty Ltd
  • RPA Controller Certificate, issue to David Moore (ARN 751057)
  • Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate, issued to David Moore (ARN 751057)

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