Aquatic Ecology

At DPM Envirosciences, we have the expertise, equipment and approvals required to undertake thorough assessment of aquatic ecosystems consistent with best practice.


Key services include:


Stream health assessment / macroinvertebrate sampling


  • study design and sampling by AusRivAS accredited ecologists (Queensland and NSW)
  • data analysis and interpretation using univariate and multivariate techniques (AusRivAS OE50, SIGNAL2, richness, EPT, ANOSIM, nMDS and SIMPER)

Water and sediment quality sampling


  • in-situ physico-chemical water quality measurements (EC, pH, DO, redox, temperature, turbidity)
  • surface water and groundwater quality sampling, including QA/QC in accordance with Australian Standards
  • sediment sampling using coring, grab techniques or direct collection, including QA/QC in accordance with Australian Standards
  • analytical results interpretation in the context of relevant environmental values, guidelines and background datasets


Fish survey for biodiversity studies


  • boat-based and backpack electrofishing lead by a Senior Operator in accordance with the Australian Code of Electrofishing Practice
  • netting using active (seine netting) and passive techniques (fyke nets, bait traps and mesh nets)

Turtle survey


  • netting (fyke nets and cathedral traps)
  • snorkeling surveys
  • nest surveys
  • habitat assessment


Platypus survey


  • netting (fyke nets)
  • habitat assessment, including bank soils characterisation


Stygofauna assessment


  • desktop suitability assessment
  • stygofauna sampling
  • impact assessment for groundwater dependent ecosystems (GDEs)
  • development and implementation of GDE monitoring programs

Ecotoxicology studies


  • contaminant bioaccumulation studies using benthic organisms, oysters and fishes


Flora survey for biodiversity studies


  • species identification and abundance measures of submerged, emergent, floating and bank vegetation
  • ground-truthing Regional Ecosystems mapping and health assessment of wetlands and riparian vegetation
  • aquatic weed inventories and management plans




  • Baseline Aquatic Ecological Assessment
  • Aquatic Ecological Impact Assessment
  • Aquatic Values Management Plans
  • Receiving Environment Monitoring Programs
  • Ramsar Site Ecological Characterisation

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